about usThe professional series flexographic printing machine manufacturing enterprise

QingzhouYigaofa Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is the professional flexographic printing machine manufacturing enterprise. The company is responsible for guaranteeing the quality and technical innovation, and is committed to conducting the research and development of flexographic printing equipment which is suited to the customers' needs. 

With great enthusiasm of all company employees for enhancing the machine quality and developing new model and new technology, EKOFA series flexographic printing machine manufactured by QingzhouYigaofa integrates the novel shape, reasonable structure, advanced process and simple operation, realizing the high production, high precision and high efficiency of flexographic printing. 

EKOFA series flexographic printing machine produced by the company are sold in many provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Hebei, Henan, Anhui, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Fujian, Guangxi, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and sold to overseas countries and regions: The United States, Australia, Europe (Russia, Britain, the Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Ireland), South America (Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica), southeast Asia (Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, India), the Middle East (Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Jordan), central Asia (Uzbekistan), Morocco, north Africa and other countries. By the end of 2014, total installed capacity of EKOFA series flexographic printing machine reaches more than 500, receiving the unanimous recognition of the masses of users and ranking the first place among the same industry. 

Yigaofa is committed to establishing the long-term partnership relation with customers and takes pains to support your career. Through conducting close cooperation with you and knowing your real demand, we can help you achieve success now and in future. Yigaofa is willing to create the green and environmentally friendly new life with you!