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Wide Web Series
Class:Wide Web Series  

Date:2016-3-26 9:47:28

Product introduction
For Food and Beverage Corrugated Pre-printing
● Preprinting with water based ink improves printing quality;
● Suitable for wide and colorful prints;
● Achieves high productivity and working efficiency;
● Suitable for long-run printing jobs;
● Laminating with corrugated box, making the box much stronger and more pressure affordable;
● Save paper and lower labor cost.

Advance in
● SC Series Casting Board increase machine Satiability;
● Cassette Design, quick change & quick set-up;
● Accurate lateral and circumferential registration;
● Stable and Accurate Tension Isolation;
● Automatic Web Guide as Standard, continuously correcting slightest alignment variations;
● Standard Web Inspection System, keep inspects printing image;
● High Efficiency Drying Capacity IR and air combination;
● Alternative Dryer by Steam hot air, lower down the running cost;
● Handy Control Panel;
● Capabilities in adding multi-function features -- Butt-Splicer, Web Cleaner, Pre-treatment, Auto Registration etc.

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