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Central Drum (CI) Type Flexographic Printing Machine
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Date:2017-9-18 16:32:00

Product introduction

Central Drum (CI) Type Flexographic Printing Machine
MT series Central Drum (CI) type flexo printing machine is designed for stretchable materials as plastic film and non woven fabric printings.  Machine with Servo control, applies with water-based ink, achieves environmentally friendly, high precision and low pollution.  Machine advanced features in efficiency operation and production cost savings.  Also, it is very flexible in customerized of printing after-line function extensions and maximally meet customer demands in production.

Technical Specification

Substrate material     OPP, PET, PE, Permeable Film and non woven fabric
Printing width        850-1800mm
Maximum machine speed    300m/min
Printing color     4 / 6 / 8
Printing Repeat    400-850mm
Maximum Unwind & Rewind diameter   1100mm
Splicing speed    200m/min

● Central Drum impression cylinder with double wall constant temperature cooling circulation design.
● 120mm extreme thickness frame to ensure the stability of printing operation.
● Independent dryer between printing units for high drying efficiency.
● Sleeve design printing cylinder and anilox roll for fast change over.
● Servo motor control in printing pressures.
● Pre-printing and automatic registration system --- one step to print, achieves cost savings.
● Long-distance fault diagnosis function, diagnose and troubleshoot from the company base.
● Automatic unwind and rewind function for more efficiency in production and waste reducing.
● Surrounding type multi electrode corona treatment system helps film printing in better performance.

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